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Do you require a deposit? 

I require a $50 deposit to make an appointment. So please be prepared when booking! The deposit is Non-Refundable and goes toward the total cost of the tattoo. 


How much do your tattoos cost? 

The design cost ranges depending on size, placement, and color. But for reference my flash usually ranges from $200-$500.

What is your touch up policy? 

Touch ups are free! Please directly email me at with a photo of the tattoo and your availability! 

I encourage you to hold off on touch ups if you plan on getting tattooed by me again, to reduce waste & time!! I also encourage if the touch up is for something very small like a single line or something that doesn't affect the integrity of the tattoo to hold off a few years until the tattoo may really need the touchup! But of course I will do touch ups if you ask :)! 


When can I expect an email?

Within a couple a days! 


What if I don't receive an email? 

I only send emails to proposals I'd like to take on. Unfortunately I don't have the time to send out emails to everyone. If you didn't receive an email, it's most likely I feel your proposal is not something I can do my complete best on, usually because I feel the design doesn't match my style!

What if I need to reschedule? 

To reschedule I require a 48 hours notice to hold your deposit. If it's less than 48 hours I may ask you to forfeit your deposit and place a new one. 

What will you tattoo? 

I prioritize flash, color, and creative freedom. However I still enjoy doing B&W and love custom pieces quite a bit! 

The best way to gauge if you think I'll tattoo it, check out my page and see if your idea aligns with my style! 


What won't you tattoo? 

Currently I am not tattooing hands, necks, feet, or faces! 

I usually don't tattoo just linework, or very simple designs. 

There ARE exceptions! But if you are coming to me because you like MY work, your proposal has a great chance of getting accepted! 

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