Frequently Asked Questions

How should I prepare for my Tattoo? 

Get a full nights rest. eat a healthy meal at least 4 hours beforehand and drink lots of water. Do not drink or do drugs the night before, directly before or during your appointment. Wear clothing that is comfortable and allows access to the area of procedure, if you would like extra privacy please ask. 

Do I need to bring anything?

  • A government issued ID with picture

  • Water, hydrating drinks, snacks or candy

  • Due to Covid-19 a mask must be worn at all times during your appointment

  • Due to Covid 19 family/friends are not permitted to join you inside

  • Money! please be prepared to pay for your tattoo

Should I tip? 

Tipping is not required but is greatly appreciated, a tip shows us you appreciate us and our art. If you are unable to tip with money other great ways are, social media shoutouts, stickers, knick knacks, your own art, plants.

Do you guys offer free touch ups? 

Yes touch ups are free within 6 months of the date of your procedure, touch up means only fixing what is there, if you want to add anything to the original design it will be charged.

 When will I hear back from you? 

We both will send out emails every Monday and Friday. A response is needed along with a deposit. We will need a response within 48 hours otherwise that spot will be offered to someone else.

What if I am getting a matching tattoo with someone? 

For matching tattoos fill out one form but leave both emails and make a note somewhere on the form letting us know who you are coming in with. 

What if I want to book at the same time as someone else? 

If you would like to schedule the same date each participant needs to fill out a form as normal, but please leave a note explaining that you would like to be scheduled together on both forms.

If you have any questions please click the chat icon and we will get back to you.